Hong Kong's Best British Restaurant

Voted Hong Kong's Best British Restaurant in the LOOP's 30 Best Eats Awards, Shoreditch is definitely everything a modern British restaurant should be.


In the true spirit of a neighbourhood restaurant, we are now proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to order online and just pop down to pick up your order.

Want to eat our food at home, but want it to arrive hot, and carried lovingly from the restaurant to your home without any delivery fee?


We all know that with today's modern delivery companies the only way that is going to happen is if you pick the food up yourself, so why not do just that?


After his recent trip to the UK, Chef Eddie has come up with an exciting menu inspired by visits to many of London's top restaurants.

Of course any modern British restaurant still needs a few of the classics, so you will also find the occasional classic British dish. The difference at Shoreditch is that it will be done right!

Located in the heart of Kennedy Town, only metres from exit B of the MTR, Shoreditch is in the perfect location for both K Town residents and visitors alike.

At the ground floor, on the corner of North & Catchick Streets, the huge windows offer the perfect spot for soaking up the neighbourhood vibe.

Quality food requires quality ingredients

This is where our chefs refuse to compromise, realising that quality ingredients are the best way to a quality plate for our guests.

We try, where ever possible to source quality, British or local, sustainable, & environmentally friendly ingredients & products throughout our restaurant.

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